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FOCUS 11 features over 70 targeted, highly technical sessions. Breakouts will offer insights and best practices to help you optimize your security and compliance initiatives. View a detailed FOCUS session schedule.

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Track Descriptions

Track 1 – Endpoint Protection: The Cornerstone of Security
Endpoints are a major vector for cyber attacks and must withstand relentless assaults from cybercriminals. Ensuring your endpoints are fully secured is critical to businesses success. McAfee endpoint protection solutions provide continuous, updated, and powerful security against the entire spectrum of threats, from zero-day exploits to hacker attacks. Attend these sessions to get a better understanding of how your peers are using McAfee solutions to protect their endpoints. Learn tips and tricks to make you and your staff more effective and efficient.

Track 2 – Securing the Latest IT Technologies: Web and Email
Technology trends come and go, but the need to be secure and compliant remains a constant. Find out how leading organizations have embraced new communication options and technologies without compromising their security.

Track 3 – Public Sector: Cutting-Edge Government Security
Government entities have a unique set of security concerns. Sessions in this track address the most significant factors impacting the cyber security landscape. Learn the latest global trends in securing new technology within government, as well as how to address the ever-changing security regulations.

Track 4 – Network Heroes: Protecting Next-Gen Networks Against Super-Villains
Lex Luthor? The Joker? Superheroes have it easy. At least when compared to the thousands of villains and millions of invisible weapons you and your networks face each day. This track includes several blockbuster sessions covering super-power network security strategies and technologies for next-generation networks. Be a hero and learn how to protect your network with intelligent, adaptable network security that is smart enough to conquer today’s most villainous attacks.

Track 5 – Pushing the Boundaries of Mobility, Virtualization, and Cloud Infrastructure
Technology by itself is not disruptive. It's business and user demands of technology that push the boundaries of security and compliance. Learn from McAfee, partners, and customers how to manage mobility, virtualization, and cloud infrastructure.

Track 6 – Security Foundations
To achieve their diverse business goals, customers need to understand technologies such as vulnerability management while being vigilant about their risk posture. This track offers a range of sessions covering data, network, systems, and risk management solutions.

Track 7 – Security from the Trenches
Every day is a new day in security. The threat landscape shifts at a frenetic pace and everybody struggles to understand the issues and refortify their defenses before they are the next target. This track takes you behind the scenes highlighting what’s being done to uncover the modern day security threats and offers solutions and best practices to address these threats.

Track 8 – Best Practices in Security Management
Today’s security management is all about situational awareness, managing risk, visibility, compliance, and dashboards. Hear experts discuss their security postures and explain how easy, consistent access to data helps them identify the real security risks. Presenters will share their experiences, insights, tips and tricks, and best practices.

Track 9 – Data Protection: Safeguarding Data Everywhere
Regardless of your company's size, everything you do to protect your infrastructure, networks, and devices is ultimately about protecting your organization's vital data assets. Regulated data, sensitive information, and intellectual property all require appropriate protection. Whether you need to encrypt laptops, USB drives, and other mobile devices or implement data loss prevention to provide greater control over how your data flows throughout your organization and beyond, these sessions offer practical implementation examples and best practices for effective data protection in today's challenging environment.

Track 10 – The Changing Threat Landscape (Featuring McAfee Labs)
McAfee Labs global research team of 350+ scientists and researchers provides the most comprehensive Global Threat Intelligence in the industry. Backed by a portfolio of more than 400 patents, a network of millions of sensors spanning the Internet, and in collaboration with leading computer vendors and government agencies, McAfee Labs delivers unparalleled protection against both known and emerging threats via a complete suite of security products. In this track, McAfee Labs researchers will discuss emerging threats, malware trends, and the steps being taken to ensure McAfee customers have the best protection available.

Track 11 – Protecting the Next-Generation Data Center: Optimizing for Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Architectures
The data center has morphed. A raised floor and locked room no longer mean you are protected. Data, servers, databases, mission-critical systems, and IT infrastructure all need to work together seamlessly. Sessions in this track will discuss best practices for keeping data centers safe, functioning, and enabling your business.

Track 12 – Securing the Cloud Ecosystem
Within 10 years, more than half of the world’s data will pass through or be stored in the cloud ecosystem. Understanding the risks and best practices for securing the cloud is critical as businesses of all sizes in both private and public sectors embrace this revolutionary new framework for computing.

Track 13 – Technology Tips and Tricks
Do more with less. It’s the IT mantra. This track will dive deep into how your peers are managing the growing IT pressure to be more efficient and more responsive to business needs. Through case studies and sessions led by product experts, learn best practices for systems and network management and find out how to fine-tune your security infrastructure overall.

Track 14 – Bringing SIEM into the Security Mix
The ability to monitor IT event data automatically from any application, device, or system is a core requirement to manage a security, risk, and compliance program effectively. Security information and event management solutions can help users automatically collect, correlate, and analyze events to help determine their overall risk profile and security status. This track highlights how and why SIEM enables users to manage risk and security more effectively, and better protect their business. View the Session Schedule for info on Track 14 sessions.

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(ISC)2 CPE Credits for FOCUS 11

(ISC)2 Type "A" CPEs are awarded to (ISC)2® members for activities which are directly related to the Domains of the CISSP.

CPEs are awarded at the rate of one CPE per hour of activity for information security events. As an official (ISC)2® CPE Submitter, McAfee can submit CPEs for you after FOCUS 11. Please provide your (ISC)2 member number and your first and last name to, and your CPEs will be posted by (ISC)2® within approximately 4-6 weeks.

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