Call for Topics FAQs

Call for Topics is now closed, but it's not too late to attend FOCUS.
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Submitting a Topic

Notification / Next Steps
Logistics / Miscellaneous

Submitting a Topic
I would like to speak at FOCUS 12. How do I submit a topic?

Call for Topics is now closed, but it's not too late to attend FOCUS. Register now.

I have a few different ideas for FOCUS presentations. Can I submit more than one topic?

Yes, multiple submissions from individuals will be accepted. Please note that each topic must be submitted via a separate form.

Someone else from my company wants to present at FOCUS and will probably submit a topic. Should I still submit a topic?

Multiple speakers from the same company will be allowed to speak at FOCUS 12, provided they are delivering uniquely differentiated presentations.

Notification / Next Steps
When will I find out whether my topic(s) has been accepted?

Individuals will be notified in June via e-mail whether or not their submissions have been accepted.

After I am accepted to speak, what should I do?

The e-mail announcing your acceptance to present will include a link to the FOCUS 12 Speaker Guidelines. These guidelines will include everything you need to know about speaking at FOCUS, including registration information, guidelines and deadlines, messaging, a downloadable presentation template, and more.

Logistics / Miscellaneous
If I am accepted to speak at FOCUS 12, which of my expenses are covered?

If you are accepted to speak at FOCUS 12, your conference fee will be waived—a $995 savings. Travel costs, hotel fees, and other expenses, however, are the responsibility of each speaker.

If accepted, am I allowed to bring a co-presenter?

Yes, speakers may have co-presenters help them deliver their presentation. However, co-presenters are not eligible for complimentary registration. Each co-presenter must individually register for the conference and pay the applicable fee.

I have further questions regarding the Call for Topics process. Whom can I contact?

For questions concerning FOCUS 12 Call for Topics, contact