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FOCUS 12 will feature a comprehensive agenda packed with targeted, highly technical breakouts. You’re guaranteed to gain valuable, tangible knowledge to help you maximize your security solutions and tackle today’s greatest security challenges. View a detailed FOCUS session schedule.

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Sessions Catalog

FOCUS 12 features over 70 targeted, highly technical sessions. Breakouts will offer insights and best practices to help you optimize your security and compliance initiatives. Click on the red arrows to view sessions within each track. See below for track descriptions. Click here to view a detailed FOCUS session schedule.

Track Sessions

Over 70 sessions will offer insight and best practices to help you optimize your security and compliance initiatives. Hear real-world scenarios on how McAfee customers maintain the highest standards of security. Benefit from deep technical presentations delivered by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Track 1 – Network Security: Next-Generation Threats, Next-Generation Protection Solutions
McAfee network security solutions help enable operational efficiency, as well as advanced, layered defenses for some of the most sensitive and critical networks on earth. Attend this track to learn the latest trends and techniques, and find out how McAfee solutions help secure critical data centers, cloud infrastructures, corporate networks, and branch and remote offices worldwide.

Track 2 – Security Management: The GPS of Security
Deploy all the security you want, but without a way to “operationalize” or manage it, you will quickly become lost. Security management should make your security job easier, not harder. The cornerstone of McAfee’s security management platform is McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). Hear experts discuss how to use ePO to assess security risk postures and explain how ePO makes managing security easier and more consistent across environments. Presenters will share their experiences, insights, tips and tricks, and best practices.

Track 3 – Public Sector: Efficiently Embracing State-of-the-Art Security Technologies
In today’s ongoing economic conditions, public sector organizations are forced to walk a tightrope between fulfilling business and mission objectives with reduced staff and budget. This track discusses how security professionals can embrace disruptive technologies such as cloud and mobile without putting their organizations and missions at risk. Find out how to improve security with less management overhead.

Track 4 – Trending Security Topics
From embedded devices and the cloud to simply keeping private information private, security conversations have gone from the backroom to the boardroom and straight into our living rooms. Through customer case studies and sessions led by security experts, hear about the latest security trends and walk away with best practices to keep you and your company ahead of the game.

Track 5 – McAfee Labs
This track highlights five McAfee Labs initiatives that are improving the security McAfee provides to its customers: 1) The evolution and unique security capabilities provided by McAfee DeepSAFE technology; 2) McAfee Labs’ vision for Global Threat Intelligence and the power of cross-vector threat correlation in identifying new and emerging threats; 3) Proof case for improving security efficacy based on the deployment of multi-vector threat mitigation technologies (endpoint, network, and cloud); 4) The power of heuristic and behavioral analysis techniques to identify and block both host and web born threats; and 5) Update on the McAfee next-generation endpoint detection engine’s technology and deployment plans.

Track 6 – Data Protection: The Easy Way
Discover how McAfee’s unified approach makes data protection effective and easy. Find out how you can protect and manage your sensitive data with endpoint encryption and data loss prevention. Explore how McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator provides robust security management in a streamlined, integrated way. Learn expert strategies and tips, real world examples, and best practices to optimize your organization’s data protection.

Track 7 – Next-Generation Endpoint Security
Today’s sophisticated threats are designed to steal data and compromise your business. To combat these threats, it is essential to utilize best practices to properly secure endpoints across your environment. Learn hands-on tips and tricks from McAfee experts, and understand how next-generation endpoint security will protect your infrastructure from chip to cloud. Find out how to apply technologies such as whitelisting, blacklisting, memory scanning, and hardware-assisted security to protect against the different threat vectors targeting your endpoints.

Track 8 – Security Battleground: Building Your Strategic Security Plan
Any company or institution can suffer irreparable harm due to cyber attacks. It’s estimated that within the next five years, $5 trillion in damages will be attributed to cyber attacks. This battle has become a full-blown war and in order to win, companies must first build their strategic security plan. Having a security plan enables organizations to properly invest, identify areas requiring innovation, and apply the right resources in the right places. This track highlights vital technologies and ROI strategies that McAfee is driving to help companies protect their information and win the war.

Track 9 – Data Center Futures: Protecting the Crown Jewels of IT
Data centers will need to embrace more virtualization and cloud computing capabilities to enable new levels of business agility and drive down costs. Because of the data center’s business-critical role, specialized tactics will be required to enable safe innovation in a cost-effective way. This track showcases partnerships with key data center infrastructure vendors and hybrid technologies for unified policy and controls across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Track 10 – Stronger Security Through SIEM
SIEM offers the promise of stronger situational awareness, simplified compliance, and an enhanced security posture. This track covers real-world best practices and customer case studies on how to get the most out of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM). Topics covered include accurate attack recognition, insider threat monitoring, operationalizing SIEM, bringing content and risk into the McAfee ESM view, and leveraging the unified compliance framework.

Track 11 – Protecting Critical Infrastructure
Beyond the headlines of impending doom that so often surround critical infrastructure, there are opportunities to optimize business operations, increase availability, and reduce risk. This track focuses on real threats and practical approaches to security in environments utilizing SCADA and ICS devices, as well as business optimization techniques.

Track 12 – Standards, Alliances, and Guidance to Compliance
IT compliance has matured quickly and there are now many resources to help develop a plan of action that is sustainable and demonstrates effectiveness through analytics, normalization, and lessons learned from those who have field experience. Attend this track and learn how optimized risk management works for compliance and how to gain more confidence in achieving privacy and data protection.

Track 13 – Protecting the Device, the Data, and the Applications
The “bring-your-own-device” phenomenon has hit IT organizations hard and left many challenged to figure out how to manage the proliferation and diversity of devices. Simply managing these mobile devices, however, is not enough. As IT networks grant users access to corporate data, security becomes critical to prevent sensitive data loss. This track highlights the best practices of managing and securing all devices, as well as the apps and corporate applications these devices are accessing.

Track 14 – Securing Web and Email
Web and email continue to be the primary channels for information flowing into and out of organizations. Protecting these vital channels has become increasingly more complicated as new deployment options, applications, and devices enter the mix. Find out how leading organizations have embraced new communication options and technologies without compromising corporate security.

Targeted Group Meetings

An assortment of targeted sessions will be offered at FOCUS on Thursday, October 25.

Global SecurityAlliance Partner Summit

The McAfee Global SecurityAlliance Partner Summit is Oct. 23-25, 2012 at The Venetian and The Palazzo Congress Center in Las Vegas.

Register Now

McAfee is committed to listening to and working with you, our valued channel partners, to drive mutual success. At this year’s Global SecurityAlliance Partner Summit, we will:
• Share our vision and plan to combine your solution expertise with our security leadership and Intel’s rich heritage of innovation excellence to transform the security market.
• Highlight our Security Connected technology strategy as we help you differentiate by providing the industry’s only security portfolio that protects our mutual customers from the chip to the cloud.
• Confirm our commitment to your success by outlining a channel strategy that delivers the tools, training, programs, and resources to drive mutual growth and profitability.

We are extremely excited and optimistic about the future growth of the security market and look forward to providing an event where we can listen, learn, and accelerate together.

Global SecurityAlliance Partner Summit Agenda

Tuesday, October 23
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM Registration
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM Welcome Reception at The Palazzo's Azure Pool
Hosted by Gavin Struthers
Wednesday, October 24
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM FOCUS General Session
Featuring George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States and Todd Gebhart, Co-President, McAfee
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM FOCUS Lunch in Expo Hall
1:30 PM - 6:00 PM Partner Business Track
• Building a Successful Managed Services Provider Practice
• How to Sell McAfee: A Layered Approach to Network and Database Security
• Marketing Best Practices to Accelerate Growth
• Understanding Today's CIO
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM FOCUS Final Evening Special Event
Featuring Billy Idol
Thursday, October 25
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Global SecurityAlliance Partner Summit General Session
Featuring Mike DeCesare, Co-President, McAfee
Joe Sexton, Executive Vice President – WW Sales, McAfee
Gavin Struthers, Sr. Vice President – Global Channel Ops, McAfee
Scott McKain, Best-Selling Author / Executive Coach
11:45 AM - 1:15 PM Lunch
For Global SecurityAlliance Partner Summit attendees only
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Theater Sessions
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM McAfee Executive Exchanges
Featuring Mike DeCesare, Co-President, McAfee
Todd Gebhart, Co-President, McAfee
Joe Sexton, Executive Vice President – WW Sales, McAfee
Gavin Struthers, Sr. Vice President – Global Channel Ops, McAfee
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Partner Appreciation Party at TAO Nightclub

Agenda subject to change. A more detailed agenda and an official invite will be sent in July.

Global SecurityAlliance Partner Summit Sessions

Building a Successful Managed Services Provider Practice
Paul Dippell, CEO, Service Leadership, Inc.
Richard Bowman, Director of Global MSP and SaaS, McAfee
Lilian Wai, Partner Programs Manager, McAfee

In this session, Service Leadership, Inc. CEO and industry expert Paul Dippell will share a compelling and actionable look into his company’s groundbreaking method of planning and executing a transformation to best-in-class Managed Services. Then Richard Bowman and Lilian Wai of McAfee will uncover how McAfee’s Managed Services Partner (MSP) Program can jumpstart your efforts to drive growth and win Managed Services opportunities for your business. This session is intended for the full range of Managed Services experience, from those companies who have not yet decided to transform, to those who are in the process, as well as to those who are best-in-class and wish to stay that way.

How to Sell – A Layered Approach to Network and Database Security
Much like thermal and waterproof clothing layers protect trekkers in extreme weather, the right combination of network and database security layers can make all the difference when it come to protecting customers critical information against the growing volume of hacks and cyber-attacks aimed at them. In this session, you'll hear about the challenges facing today’s network and data center owners, and how to position McAfee Network and Database Security solutions together to win new deals. Learn how the McAfee Security Connected approach to integrated security brings out the best in our best-in-class technologies.

Marketing Best Practices to Accelerate Growth
Heather K. Margolis, President, Channel Maven Consulting
Lisa Matherly, Vice President of Worldwide Partner Marketing and Programs, McAfee

This session will highlight some recent channel marketing enhancements that were created to help make it easier to find key marketing assets and strengthen the marketing efforts of McAfee Channel Partners. Channel Maven Consulting will share the top marketing best practices that are proving to drive results for companies just like yours. Learn how to: 1)Capture your prospects attention by leveraging the right type of content; 2) Improve the return on your marketing investment through online email campaigns; and 3)Amplify your marketing efforts through social media. Most importantly, this session will offer the opportunity to take part in a customized co-marketing campaign designed to drive demand for your business and increase your sales pipeline.

Understanding Today’s CIO
Moderator: Joe Panettieri, Executive Vice President and Editorial Director, Nine Lives Media – a division of Penton Media
Patty Hatter, CIO, McAfee

Understanding the mindset of today’s CIO is critical to your success, but knowing how to prepare and impress on your next sales call can be a daunting task. This session provides an unprecedented opportunity to hear directly from CIOs on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making that sales pitch. During this dynamic panel discussion, you’ll get answers from those who know best, CIOs. You’ll learn what’s top of mind for today’s CIO, how to get on a CIO’s radar and their calendar, and what matters and what impresses. Joining Joe will be a panel of four CIOs, including Patty Hatter, CIO of McAfee.

Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit

Tuesday, October 23 – Thursday, October 25
Join us for the Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit which will bring together McAfee customers, partners, and security professionals from around the world. Meet with McAfee executives, learn about trends in security, and understand why McAfee continues to be a leader and influencer in the security industry. Network with your peers, and share insights and strategies that will help you maximize the value of your security offerings to your customers. Register now.

Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit Agenda

Tuesday, October 23
8:30 AM - 9:15 AM Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit Keynote:
Featuring Steve Petracca, Sr. VP and General Manager – CMSB Business Unit, McAfee
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM FOCUS General Session:
Featuring Mike DeCesare, Co-President, McAfee
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM FOCUS Lunch in Expo Hall
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit Keynote:
Featuring Todd Gebhart, Co-President, McAfee
1:30 PM - 5:30 PM Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit Breakout Sessions
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit Dinner
Wednesday, October 24
8:30 AM - 9:15 AM Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit Keynote:
Featuring Renee James, Sr. VP and General Manager – Software and Services Group, Intel
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM FOCUS General Session:
Featuring George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States and Todd Gebhart, Co-President, McAfee
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM FOCUS Lunch in Expo Hall
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit Breakout Sessions
8:00 PM FOCUS Final Evening Special Event:
Featuring Billy Idol
Thursday, October 25
9:00 AM Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit Golf Event

Agenda subject to change.

Consumer / Mobile Partner Summit Sessions

Intel and McAfee Consumer Vision
Learn about the Intel and McAfee consumer vision and strategy including an overview of joint initiatives.

McAfee Consumer Products and Strategy
Hear about the 2013 McAfee consumer product solutions and strategy including key features and functionality.

McAfee Mobile Roadmap and Strategy
Hear about the 2013 McAfee Consumer Mobile Product roadmap and strategy including key features and functionality.

Understanding Consumer Perceptions about Security – Panel Discussion
Hear about new consumer trends, what’s on their minds, and how security plays a role.

Worldwide Marketing Strategy and Best Practices
Hear about the latest consumer market research findings and the McAfee consumer partner marketing strategy.

What Windows 8 Means for Consumers
Learn more about the Microsoft Windows 8 rollout and what it means for consumers and your subscribers.

Taking the McAfee User Experience to the Next Level
Learn how McAfee is enhancing the consumer user experience to optimize customer engagement within product offerings.

Cross Device Platform Hacking Demo
Get updated on the new threats in the market, see firsthand how a device can be susceptible to hacking, and learn how McAfee helps protect against these threats.

CPE Credits for FOCUS 12

CPE Credits for FOCUS 12 (ISC)2 Type "A" CPEs are awarded to (ISC)2® members for activities which are directly related to the Domains of the CISSP.

CPEs are awarded at the rate of one CPE per hour of activity for information security events. As an official (ISC)2® CPE Submitter, McAfee can submit CPEs for you after FOCUS 12. Please provide your (ISC)2 member number and your first and last name to, and your CPEs will be posted by (ISC)2® within approximately 2-3 weeks. Be sure to scan your badge before each session you attend, so you can get credit. All CPE credit requests must be received by December 31, 2012.

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The FOCUS Agenda Builder is now available. To create your personailzed agenda, visit the "My Event" page and login using the email and password you used to register for the conference.